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Kenya medical camp 2024


From February 21-29, 2024, members of the CAMM-Committee took part in providing a temporary medical camp in Kenya.  CAMM Committee members partnered with One Africa Team Pastor John Roebke, members of the Karima Lutheran Church-Kenya, leaders of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ-Kenya, and WELS Christian Aid and Relief to put on a 4 day medical camp.

Committee Members arrived in Sagana, Kenya and met with members of the Karima Lutheran Church.   


Here is a review of the time spent at the medical camp.


CAMM Committee members arrived in Sagana, Kenya, where we met with the members of the Karima Lutheran Church.  Preparations for the medical camp started with organizing the medications, supplies, and equipment.  



The CAMM Committee members attended church at Karima Lutheran.  The members of the church were excited to have us attending and provided us with a wonderful worship experience.  Pastor Roebke served as a visiting preacher and provided a wonderful sermon on the importance of Fathers, specifically our Father in heaven.  One of the many highlights of the committee members was partaking in holy communion with our fellow Christians.   

Over the 4 day medical camp, the CAMM Committee members, volunteers from Karima Lutheran Church, and staff from the Kirinyaga County Public Health Department came together to provide the medical camp.  Our hopes were high to provide services to a large number of locals.  From the beginning of the camp, every person that came through was told about Jesus Christ as their Savior by the local Pastors. The goals were to provide medical care and to grow the church.  Medical services provided were blood pressure and blood glucose screening, BMI assessment, nutrition teaching, cervical and breast cancer screening, HIV and TB screening, and medication distribution.  CAMM Committee members worked side by side with County Health Department staff.  Over the 4 days, approximately 1440 people were provided services.

During our time in Kenya, the men and women of Kenya went out of their way to ensure we were taken care of.  From driving us around, translating Swahili, being patient with us,  cooking us food, and making us feel at home.  We truly appreciated all they did for us.  

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