Although part of WELS World Missions, CAMM is not funded by the synod but instead relies upon donations from individuals, churches, schools and other organizations to fund its operations. We also receive many gift parcels, often from women’s groups and LWMS chapters, containing pill bottles (which we use for liquid medications), baby hats, blankets and onesies which are given to newborns at our clinics.

a. In Zambia, we have a clinic located in Mwembezhi Village, which is about 60 miles west of Lusaka.  At the clinic site, we have three buildings. The largest and oldest houses our reception, consultation rooms, and birthing center.  The second building houses our pharmacy, laboratory, public health office and conference room. The third building contains our observation rooms and mothers shelter. Imaging, testing, medical triage are all done on site.  Services in Zambia include preventative healthcare for children, antenatal care, and birthing as well as outpatient services for illnesses such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, parasitic infections and tuberculosis.  
b. In Malawi, we are a mobile clinic. A 13-seater Toyota land cruiser serves as the clinic ambulance and transports the medical staff and supplies to four different clinic sites ranging from a 30 minute to a 1-hour ride from Lilongwe.  Each clinic site is a one-room building, which conducts clinic once per week.  The clinic focuses on preventive healthcare for mothers and children, but also tends to those that need medical attention.  We also provide an infant wellness program (Under 5 program), which includes immunizations and care for children under five in Malawi.  

CAMM no longer has American nurses and administrators living in Africa. In July of 2022, the day to day running of the clinics was turned over to Zambian and Malawian administrators and health care professionals. In Zambia, Mr. Alisad serves as our Clinic Administrator and resides in Lusaka and Mr. Jackson Kalekwa is our Clinical Officer in Charge and lives in Mwembezhi. In Malawi, Miss Violet Chikwatu serves as our Nurse in Charge and Miss Lusungu Mwambeye serves as our Clinic Administrator. Both live in Lilongwe.  Gary Evans serves as our Field Director and has overall charge of both clinics. He resides and works mostly stateside and visits the clinics four times per year.

A devotion is held at the start of each clinic day. The devotion is conducted by ether a Pastor or church elder and consists of hymns, bible passages, a short sermon, and prayers, similar to a devotion in the US. Because most of our clients come before the start of clinic, a devotion is heard by nearly all of our 70,000 patients each year.  

If you, your school, church or organization is interested in a special mission campaign for CAMM, we have many options available.  They can be a general campaign towards fuel, medical supplies, clinic repairs, etc. or a specific campaign.  Specific campaigns in the past have included funding for fencing, ambulances, major clinic repairs, etc.  Please contact our Development Director at development.director.camm@gmail.com for more information.

The committee loves to spread the news about the great work CAMM is doing.  If you are interested in a presentation between 15 minutes and 60 minutes in length, please reach out to our Public Relations Coordinator at public.relations.camm@gmail.com with the location, time needed, date and expected group size.