Financial and Administration

Financial and Adminstration

The Central Africa Medical Mission is administered stateside by the Central Africa Medical Mission Committee (CAMMC), with input from Medical Mission Councils in Malawi and Zambia. The CAMMC members are volunteers and are appointed by the Administrative Committee for Africa, a part of the Board for World Missions of the WELS. The committee consists of a chairwoman, treasurer, secretary, nurse coordinator, nurse advisor, contact women coordinator, a public relations coordinator and a development director. The committee also has a medical advisor, a web advisor, and a pastoral advisor. Clinic operations are overseen by Field Director, Gary Evans, who also serves on the CAMMC.


The women’s organizations in WELS congregations are kept informed of CAMM news and needs for donations through a synod-wide system of contact women. It is through these contact women that information about CAMM is primarily disseminated to WELS congregation and how special project support for CAMM is accomplished.