May 2024

May 2024

Do you love spring? I always get so excited the first time I see the tulips pushing their way up from what used to be the frozen ground. I pray for rain, gentle breezes, and consistent warm temperatures. I will do whatever I can to support the growth of those beautiful flowers.

Spring is also a blessed reminder for us to reexamine our own beautiful flowers of faith. This month I would encourage you to think about the ways you are nurturing your relationship with Jesus. Is your faith getting enough rain, gentle breezes and warm temperatures? Spring is a time of renewal for all of God’s creation and that includes you and me.

This month we hear from Violet Chikwatu, the Nurse in Charge for the Lutheran Mobile Clinic in Malawi, who offers an update on the harvest situation in Malawi and introduces us to one of God’s special gifts whose name is Newa. Newa is a young boy who has benefited tremendously from CAMM supporters all over. You can see a picture of Newa with his mother below.

Violet also informed us that supplies of pill bottles, baby blankets, baby bottles, and sunscreen are getting low at the clinic in Malawi. You can find shipping instructions at the link below if you are interested in supporting CAMM in this particular way.

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Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth! …tell of his salvation from day to day.” Psalm 96:1-2

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is April and people have started harvesting their maize fields. The harvest has happened a little bit earlier this year as people are trying to protect their crops from theft. These theft cases have risen because a lot of people have empty fields due to the prolonged dry spell that Malawi experienced in January and February. This dry spell has really affected this country and the harvest is worrisome to the point that the Malawian President declared Malawi as a state of disaster.    

The Lord has been faithful to the Lutheran Mobile Clinic and all its staff. He is keeping us
healthy so that we can continue serving His people. However, we are still experiencing a huge number of patients in all the clinic sites. The top diagnosis in all these sites remains Malaria. For the past weeks, our Mwalaulomwe Clinic has seen a huge turnout of patients. So much so that we ran out of medication during clinic hours and had to send our ambulance back to our pharmacy in Lilongwe for restocking. This is happening because the government hospitals have a low supply of malaria commodities which includes Malaria testing kits and medication. We hope that the supplies will be available soon and that God brings healing upon His people. 

I would like to tell you about our disabled Kids at Msambo Clinic, the Lord has been so faithful upon their lives. Newa Amos is a four-year-old little boy, born in 2020. In 2022 at two years old, Newa suffered cerebral Malaria and was admitted to Kamuzu Central hospital in Lilongwe. This malaria affected him such that he lost developmental milestones. He could not sit, stand, or walk. He lost speech and he started drooling. After he was cured of malaria, the boy was discharged through the Physiotherapy department and the mother was told to visit three times a week. Due to transport problems, the mother was unable to visit the hospital as required and was just staying
at home with the little boy. After a few weeks of her stay at home, this mother together with her boy came to our clinic at Msambo to find out if we could help in any way. Our clinic was able to help with money for transport and the boy started getting physiotherapy sessions at Children of Blessings hospital which is a little bit closer to her home.  

2024 marks two years since Newa started his Physiotherapy sessions at Children of Blessings. He visits the hospital two times a week. The mother was taught how to do the physiotherapy at home. Both the physiotherapists and the mother play a great role in making sure that Newa gets back on his feet. Today, Newa is four years old, and he can sit, stand and walk alone without support. He is now in a speech class, and he can utter a few inaudible words but there is hope that he will be able to talk. 

Currently, our clinic supports five kids with transport money so that they get their physiotherapy at Children of Blessings. There is a great improvement in all the other four kids and there is hope that they will be able to live normally. The mothers and the kids’ families are very happy and thankful for the help they receive.

The medical mission’s work in fighting disease and malnutrition in children, more especially the disabled ones, helps to prolong their lives and gives them and their parents a chance to hear the Gospel and be saved. We are so very thankful for all who give to the Central Africa Medical Mission to make it possible, and May God continue blessing you.

Your Sister in Christ,


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