Meet Cassim at Mwalaulomwe

Seven month old Cassim was brought to our Lutheran Mobile Clinic’s Mwalaulomwe site in early August 2018 by his grandmother. This little boy was very sick, dehydrated, underweight, anemic and had pneumonia. His mother had died a week earlier from TB. His family tried to find powdered milk in the store but the milk gave him diarrhea. The staff of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic gave him an antibiotic injection and rehydration solution. I asked Pastor Beza to talk to the grandmother. We took Cassim to the hospital to be admitted and gave the grandmother a can of formula. I was afraid he wouldn’t survive. I prayed for him.

Two weeks later, Cassim’s aunt brought him back to our clinic. He had been in the hospital a week and his lungs were now clear. He was taking formula well and seemed alert and happy. We gave him his first set of immunizations and iron syrup for anemia and provided formula for the next week.

What a cute, healthy baby. We are thankful that Cassim, his aunt and grandmother are doing well. The formula and medicines we are able to give children do save lives. We are also thankful for those who make this possible.

Written by Beth Evans, Nurse in Charge

Lutheran Mobile Clinic - August 2018