New Borehole

New Borehole at Mwalaloumwe

“Providing water to all who thirst.”

Kupereka madzi kwa okumva ludzu

Carl Kloehn, a WELS member at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Appleton WI, wanted to do something special in memory of his deceased wives Sally and Jerelyn. His decision to fund the Central Africa Medical Mission borehole at our Mwalaulomwe clinic is a gift that will have a lasting impact. Carl wanted to bring people to the water so they could reap both the physical benefits and also the spiritual benefit of life saving water. The Mwalaulomwe borehole is not out in the area between villages; this borehole is just yards from our clinic and church doors. It is Carl’s and C.A.M.M.’s prayer that those who seek the water of the borehole will hear message of salvation with the Word of God. We give thanks for Carl’s generosity.

Thank You Kloehns!