September 2022



I have just returned from my first visit to Malawi and Zambia since leaving the field in June. Accompanying me on the trip were CAMMC members Bea Punke (Treasurer) and Kate Wood (secretary). The visit lasted about 11 days from departure to arrival back in the US. We packed in a lot, considering five of those days were spent traveling. We visited clinics, met with staff, attended a medical council meeting and even got in a little R&R when we visited Liwonde National Park over the weekend.

Our first stop was Malawi. In late June, Lusungu Mwembeye and Violet Chikwatu had taken over the day to day running of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic from Beth and me. As you might imagine, I was anxious to see how they were doing. I’m happy to report, the “girls” as we affectionately call them, are doing a great job. They have hired a new Clinical Officer, Bridgette Chisisi, to replace Thokozani Chingana who had to resign for medical reasons. They have kept the vehicles and property in good order, the finances are in good shape, and the clinic work hasn’t missed a beat. They had to fire one of our maintenance workers and hired a church chairman named Landilani Manyozo to do maintenance at Msambo clinic. They even had to deal with a villager whose goat ran out in front of the ambulance and was hit. The man wanted compensation for the goat but was firmly told that according to Malawian law, the villager was responsible for the actions of his goat and therefore he was liable for any damage to our ambulance. They didn’t push the issue.

On our visit to the clinic, Bea and Kate were impressed by the efficiency of the staff and clinic operations in general. We also attended the August 2022 Malawi Lutheran Medical Council meeting where we met with Missionary Panning, mission liaison and Pastor Msiska, our Lutheran Church of Central Africa Malawi representative. We discussed several issues including renovations to the house/office property, requests from staff, finances, scholarship applications, our new clinical officer and some clinic furniture purchases.

In Zambia, we spent the first day out at the Mwembezhi Clinic. Bea and Kate were able to inspect the renovated clinic, meet with staff, and observe operations. The following day we were scheduled to meet with the Zambia Lutheran Medical Council. However, the Lutheran Church of Central Africa – Zambia, were holding their convention at the same time and so Pastor Phiri and Pastor Mutentami were unable to meet with us. Instead, we took the opportunity to spend time with Alisad Banda, our clinic administrator and Jackson Kalekwa, our clinical officer in charge. The clinic is regarded as the best in our district but there is still room for improvement. Every two years the Health Professionals Council of Zambia inspect the clinic to ensure we are maintaining proper standards. They issue a score out of 100, and at our previous inspection we scored a 77. When we were inspected this summer, we scored a 93.9. This is a huge improvement that deserves recognition. But we believe we can do better, so in our meeting with Jackson and Alisad we discussed the demerits outlined in the inspection report and put together a cost-effective action plan to bring our score closer to 100.

The trip showed us that our Zambian and Malawian staff are doing our Lord’s work. Our leaders and staff are proving to be good stewards of our clinics. Every day the Word of God is proclaimed, and our patients see God’s love in action through quality healthcare provided by our Christian staff.

Gary Evans

Field Director

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