September 2021


September 2021

The Lutheran Mobile Clinic has been blessed for the past year by having Vicar- now Pastor Kalima serving the congregations at our Msambo, Suzi and Thunga clinic sites. Pastor Kalima who is a recent graduate from our seminary in Lusaka, can be seen at our clinics ministering to the patients where he has taken particular interest in helping the mothers of children with disabilities. Some of those he has helped, have since started attending his church.

Pastor Kalima recently wrote an article about the Lutheran Mobile Clinic that was published in a magazine called the Malawi Lutheran Christian. The magazine is read by many members of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) - Malawi. Many of those members live outside of the Lilongwe area and may not be aware of the medical mission. I thought I would share the article with you. It was originally written in Chichewa -the local language and translated into English, some grammar and spelling has been fixed. But as much as possible this is Pastor Kalima in his own words.

The Lutheran Mobile Clinic

This is an organization or a group that is standing on its own, it does it's work in a hospital setting in cooperation or coordination with the government. This organization is under the One Africa Team (OAT). This mobile clinic has developed a huge bond with LCCA especially in the areas that the mobile clinic is working by helping the sick by giving them the medicines, giving some disabled children wheelchairs and others just helping them with mobility to get to where they get their physiotherapy and also spreading the gospel. This organization is run by Mr Gary Evans and Sister in Charge Beth Evans. When the two leave Malawi for USA of which they will be leaving their roles to two of our LCCA members who will then be running the organization of course with help from Gary as then he will be the Field Director for Malawi and Zambia. The two LCCA members who will take over from Gary and sister Beth are Lusungu Mwambeye as the Clinic Administrator and Violet Chikwatu as Nurse in Charge. As of now about 5 more LCCA members from the surrounding the areas have benefited from this organization through being employed as volunteers to work with the team. This organization also helps to transport patients from the respective clinics in the villages to Kamuzu Central hospital in the event that the patient need extra care.

How is the synod benefiting from the mobile clinic?

This is the question which most Lutherans in Malawi would ask. But the answer is the Lutheran Mobile clinic is a tool of Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,”. There are times where we as the Lutheran synod fail to reach out to other members or non-members through the gospel. But when they came to the clinic, they are able to be preached to and get the spiritual help from the clinic as every morning the clinic holds devotions before starting its services this has helped our parishes such as Mtimaoyera (Msambo), Suzi and Thunga parish to bring in more servants to God.

Where is the secret for all this?

The answer is God is the answer to all this blessing for He is the reason why we get to have knowledge and power to work and help those in need. I just wanted you to know a little of it but you will read more in the magazine coming soon.

Gary Evans – CAMM Field Director

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