October 2022



Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is summer season here in Malawi and most trees are empty as leaves are falling off due to very high temperatures. People are flocking to Salima district during the weekends to enjoy swimming in the fresh waters of Lake Malawi. October is also the time that people start to enjoy one of the country’s favorite fruits, mangos, and as I am writing now, I have a fresh mango by my side.

In the month of March this year, we had an outbreak of cholera here in Malawi, which started in Machinga district with one case. This cholera has been spreading from one place to another due to the use of unsafe water, poor food hygiene, low latrine coverage. Current updates show that the total number of the cholera cases is 3,623 with 105 deaths. The Malawi government, through the Ministry of Health, has put in place measures that will help prevent cholera cases. These include community sensitization on prevention and control of cholera, administration of oral cholera vaccine, pot to pot chlorination of water in places where there is no safe water, and engagement with local leaders to facilitate latrine construction and usage. Not only that, but the Malawi government is also setting up treatment centers in the affected areas.

Lilongwe, the district in Malawi where we are based, has also been affected by the cholera outbreak. However, no cholera case or any suspected case has been reported from the areas that we serve, either at Chiwamba area where we have our Suzi, Msambo and Thunga Clinics, or Nathenje area where there is the Mwalaulomwe clinic. As a clinic we are working hand in hand with the government health surveillance assistants who also happen to be the ones that we work with at our clinics. We are sensitizing the people in the communities on how to prevent and control cholera cases such as the use of safe water, food hygiene, the use of latrines, frequent hand washing just to mention a few. It is our prayer and hope that God will protect our people in the communities and Malawi from this cholera outbreak.

In the villages we serve, the needs of our patients have not changed. As a Christ centered Clinic, our patients need to hear the Word of God and that is why we always hold devotions before clinic starts every day. We thank God that our Pastors, maintenance men and volunteers are able to share this Word of God with the people on each day of clinic. After the devotion, the medical needs of the people are attended to and medication is administered using both pill bags and pill bottles which are donated by the well-wishers across the world. Recently, we have received parcels containing different things such as the pill bottles, sunscreen, baby blankets, clothes, hats, cloth masks just to mention a few. These baby clothes are being distributed in the communities that we serve during clinic days. These people are very happy upon receiving these things and all they say is “Zikomo kwambiri Mulungu akudalitseni” meaning thank you so much and God bless you. I would like to thank all our donors and well-wishers on all the good things that they do for the people of Malawi and may God continue blessing them.

Your Sister in Christ,

Violet Chikwatu - Nurse in Charge, Malawi Lutheran Mobile Clinic

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