October 2021


October 2021

This month, our letter will highlight a visit by Dr. Abigail Polzin, an Emergency Medicine Physician in Sioux Falls, SD. She is a great-niece of Edie (Schneider) Hintz, one of the first nurses at our Medical Mission in Zambia. She has always wanted to use her skills in underserved areas of the world and was able to do this in 2018 through a volunteer Kingdom Workers trip to Indonesia. She came to Malawi this September and was able to experience the medical work of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic. She then visited Zambia to see the mission of Mwembezhi Lutheran Rural Health Center. Here are some of her impressions:

“My first Lutheran Mobile Clinic site visit was to Msambo. The loading of the MANY supplies is not an easy task but does go smoothly after many runs. The clinic packs each morning for medications, supplies, pill bottles, infant formula, vaccines, and all the equipment they might need. Loading up the ambulance is a truly impressive sight! My Chichewa is a bit rudimentary, but the driver and staff who accompanied me made me feel right at home. I learned about some of the unique features of this village (not too remote) as well as the wonderful relationship the clinic has with the Lutheran church at Msambo. I was able to arrive in time for devotion, led by Pastor Kalima. Everyone was invited to hear God’s Word while clinic was being prepared. Even the women filling buckets with water at the borehole were listening to the Gospel message. It’s hard not to draw Biblical comparisons to the Living Water! I watched families come together- many for well checks, vaccinations and female appointments. Once all of the patients were seen and medications dispensed, we repeated the loading process and returned to the home base in Lilongwe. I was able to hand deliver a suitcase of baby hats, pill bottles, and some requested medications to be used at clinic.

Next, I traveled to Zambia and was able to visit the Mwembezhi clinic near Lusaka, Zambia. This site has a lot of meaning to me as my family had previously visited this exact spot. As opposed to the Malawi clinic sites, this clinic can keep medications and equipment on site so the patients come to them. Many of the workers live on site or nearby. The Clinic Administrator, Alisad Banda, was an excellent guide for me and has obviously worked hard with the dedicated clinic staff. A building project was recently completed, renovating the lab, pharmacy, offices and patient care areas. The water storage tank was elevated to provide improved water pressure and flow. The staff is so happy with the improvements and are eager to provide even better medical care to the patients who come from miles around. A special thanks to all who contributed to the funding of this clinic renovation project. Your generosity was well-received and appreciated! A quilt made by my Aunt Judy with some fabric brought back from Zambia in the 1970’s was given as a special donation and will be hanging in the entryway of the clinic to welcome patients and staff.”

Thanks to Dr. Polzin for sharing her insights and experience with us! I’m including some photos she took while there. Gary and I are looking forward to the CAMM 60th year anniversary celebration in Milwaukee on October 9th.

Beth Evans, Nurse in Charge

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