November 2022



Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are now in the 11th month of the year and it’s incredible how it feels just like yesterday when we were celebrating the new year. Now that we are just a step to ending the year 2022, there is so much to be grateful for - especially the gift of our Lord’s grace. So, we wake up to a new day that He has made.

The past month, October, is the month dedicated to women in Malawi. We join the global community in commemorating the 17 days of activism for the empowerment of rural women leaders and their communities from 1st -17th of October. Here in Africa, including Malawi, women play an important role in our societies from providing safe homes by looking after children and the elderly, to taking a large part in the political and economic organization of our society. We appreciate these women for the many challenges that they endure, especially in rural areas. Many organizations have taken steps to ensure women have the right support so that they can access adequate food and water, improve the standard of living, and give proper protection from all forms of gender-based violence. 11th October was International Day for the Girl Child, giving attention to matters to do with young girls, including the promotion of health and education. The 15th of October happened to be Mother’s Day in Malawi, where all the mothers and guardians are appreciated for the roles they play in the lives of so many people, extending from our homes to the wider society. The Lutheran Mobile Clinic has always assisted women and their families in our preventive healthcare efforts in rural villages, while supporting them spiritually as well.

As a clinic, we are working to ensure that we maintain the standards and quality of service and the spaces we are using. We have currently renovated the exterior area 10 house/office as the house facia boards and putty were falling off as well as the paintwork that also needed attention. The compound is currently looking stunning, like a newly constructed site. We are also renovating the grass fences at our clinics as these fences help in the orderly in-flow of patients to avoid crowding, ensure handwashing and enable screening for infectious diseases.

Every year, the Lutheran Mobile Clinic holds an annual retreat for professional staff as a team building and appreciation trip. This year’s event took place at Kambiri Beach in Salima on the 28th of October 2022. The staff members were so happy and appreciative of the gesture as this takes them away from the routine activities of workdays. The day was accompanied by an end-of-month meeting in the morning, followed by lunch, relaxation and swimming.

As a note of gratitude, we appreciate the various forms of donations and your prayers that allow the operation and management of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic and its staff, as well as the physical care and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, to reach Malawians.

God Bless you all!

Lusungu Mwambeye

Clinic Administrator, Malawi Lutheran Mobile Clinic

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