January 2022


January 2022

Greetings and a Happy New Year!

I am Lusungu Mwambeye, the clinic administrator-in-training taking over from Gary Evans at the Lutheran Mobile Clinic (LMC). I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in public health, and I am currently pursuing master’s degree in healthcare systems management. I am a Christian from St. Peters Lutheran church in Lilongwe, Malawi.

In 2022, after 52 years of operating in Malawi, CAMM will turn the day-to-day management of LMC to Malawian nationals. As a result, LMC hired myself as the clinic administrator in training and Violet Chikwatu as Nurse in charge in training to take over when Gary and Beth Evans, the current administrator and nurse in charge respectively, leave Malawi in June 2022.

As an administrator in training for Lutheran Mobile Clinic, I am so humbled and delighted for this opportunity and being part of the team that is doing great things in terms of reaching out to the people in the hard-to-reach areas in the central region of Malawi with healthcare and spiritual guidance. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world which affects its’ ability to deliver quality health care. Most residents reside in the remote areas where they face many challenges in accessing any kind of healthcare service - government or private, and even when they do find a facility, most government hospitals do not have drugs. It’s sad and challenging for most Malawians who live below the poverty line and cannot afford to pay for drugs in the private hospitals.

With the help from you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, LMC reaches out to thousands of people with affordable medical treatment and preventive health services. Our Christian staff gives care that patients fail to find in the government hospitals. They also have access to quality water through the boreholes LMC brought to the clinics, and food supplements for malnourished children and orphans. Our staff includes health education daily, with topics such as hygiene, nutrition, prevention of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, hypertension, malaria, and prenatal care.

As the rains finally come to Malawi, farmers are working hard in the fields, planting their various crops, mainly maize, or corn as it is known in America. This is used to make flour for Nsima which is a staple food and eaten with a relish (Ndiwo) of meat or vegetables. In some areas, mostly near the lakeshore, farmers go for rice and cassava as their most grown crop. We are hoping the government distributes a lot of coupons for fertilizer subsidy to the farmers as the fertilizer prices have gone up which will risk most farmers not applying fertilizer if they miss the subsidy. This will risk low crop yields and food insecurity. We pray for the right amount of rain to water the crops, since it started late this year. A good thunderstorm helped welcome in the new year in Lilongwe and it was an answered prayer.

We are very thankful for your continued support for Lutheran Mobile Clinic. I pray that through God’s grace and your support, our clinic will continue to provide both spiritual and physical care to every patient that comes to our four clinic sites. Join me in praying that the Lord continues to bless LMC with dedicated and professional staff, and provides continued safety for our patients, our staff, and our supporters in America.

May the Lord bless you and keep you well in these trying times where Covid-19 has and is roaring globally. May the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.

Best regards.

Lusungu Mwambeye.

Clinic administrator in training.

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