Contact Women Network

Explanation of the Contact Women Network System:

There is a contact woman for each synod circuit of the WELS. Some of the large circuits are divided and have more than one contact woman. She is appointed by the synod circuit pastor in her area to serve in this supportive role for the Central Africa Medical Mission.

Each contact woman is provided a list of the churches in her WELS circuit. The contact woman is asked to forward information to each of these churches. Most ladies currently use email to forward information, but some prefer to mail hard copies. Information includes monthly letters the CAMMC receives from the fields and sometimes special notes that either field (Zambia or Malawi) may have written. In spring and fall, updates are provided to the contact woman to forward to their LWMS reporters for usage at their local rallies.

The contact woman has someone in each church that she forwards the information to and asks the person to copy the letters and information and give them to the different church groups, and to the congregation through the church mail boxes, monthly mailings or Sunday bulletins.

Through this network, we hope all WELS members are aware of the work of the medical missions in Africa. We realize there are always vacancies and not every contact woman follows through, but with a possible 159 contact women and every congregation assigned to one of them, coverage should be sufficient. When a vacancy occurs, the circuit pastor is asked to distribute the information to the churches in his circuit and to appoint another contact woman.

Each of these ladies is vital to CAMM and is truly a supportive arm to the mission outreach in Africa. I hope this explanation is helpful in understanding the system.

Cheryl Valus (

CW Coordinator