2022 LWMS Spring Rally Letter

“The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore” Psalm 121:8 What a joy and comfort to know that God is with us and those who carry out our mission work through the Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM). As our Malawi field staff, Beth and Gary Evans, prepare to return to the U.S. to live here again, we are comforted to know God will go with them and guide them through their transition back into their lives here. As Violet and Lusungu begin their new roles as Nurse in Charge and Clinic Administrator respectively, God will also guide them and give them the wisdom and talents they need to carry on the mission work of Christ centered healthcare to the people of Malawi. We as CAMM supporters continue to pray for them and encourage them in this service to our Lord. What a privilege that is and we thank all of you who have done this in the past and will continue to as the coming and going takes place.

As a gracious blessing and result of your generous support, the boxes of supplies have been arriving in abundance. I recently received an email from Malawi stating that on a trip to the post office to pick up mail/packages, Gary and Lusungu picked up 22 packages!! WOW! Beth is saying that at this time, their supplies of all items are good and space is limited, so we will ask supporters to hold onto items to send for a short while so that they can use some of what is on hand. Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding shipments at my information listed below. With regard to Zambia, they have requested at this time a need for baby/infant layette type items to offer to mothers of newborns who deliver at the Mwembezhi clinic. Items such as knit hats, booties/socks, washcloths, receiving size blankets, fleece blankets, onesies, gowns are all things they give to the mothers and infants They can be new or very gently used. Please include a short note of encouragement to the staff and an address, email or postal, where a note of receipt may be sent. The work of the clinics is made possible by our gracious God and the faithful support of all of you in the sending of gifts and donations to support the CAMM budget. Please see a new address below for sending monetary donations. CAMM is solely supported through these donations. Vacancies for CAMM Contact Women (CW) are listed on the website. Please check to see if your congregation is listed and contact me to find out what serving in this role involves. We can always use mission minded ladies! Join the CAMM CW meeting at the LWMS Convention this June 2022 in Rochester, NY. All CAMM supporters are invited to attend. Now the latest news/updates from the CAMM fields provided by Gary and Beth Evans.


Warm greetings from Malawi and Zambia and from all the staff at the Lutheran Mobile Clinic and Lutheran Mission Rural Health Centre! Here’s an update on the medical mission work.


We’ve been in the rainy season since January 1st with almost daily rains, sometimes heavy. In the Lilongwe area the maize and soya crops are growing well, but in the south, there have been floods and high winds which caused damage and hardship for many Malawians. It also affected the hydroelectric power on the Shire River, which means the entire country has daily power outages. We are thankful we have solar power to our vaccine refrigerator and a generator if we need it. The dirt roads out to the most remote villages we serve can be treacherous and our patients sometimes wait in line in a downpour. We’ve made it to clinic every day, finding many people waiting for our help. We continue to treat about 200 outpatients daily, many with malaria and respiratory infections. Every day the people gather to hear God’s Word in a devotion. Pastor Msiska, who comes to Msambo with us, has been able to lead Bible studies for moms who come with their disabled children. It was a joy to see two of the children baptized last week!

It’s gotten cooler now so our under-fives’ nurse is giving out knit baby hats to the moms who bring their little ones for vaccines and growth checks and to pregnant women who will deliver soon. We have recently received many packages of hats, blankets and onesies from many of you, along with the pill bottles we use to dispense liquid medicines. Lusungu, Violet and I enjoy reading the cards and letters sometimes enclosed in the parcels.

We have recently added Enifa Lucio to our staff. Enifa is a Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) member and is the daughter of Pastor Lucio. She received an Althea Sauer scholarship and recently graduated with her degree in nursing and midwifery. Gary and I are busy ensuring that Violet Chikwatu and Lusungu Mwambeye are oriented in all aspects of the Nurse in Charge and Clinic Administrator positions, so that when Gary and I leave the field in June, they will be well prepared to lead We are thankful for all God has done to make this happen and for all of you, as partners in this mission of love.


Renovations to the new clinic building were completed in September 2021. We now have power 24/7. Following the completion of the renovations, a solar power system was installed and we are no longer dependent on the power company. The power situation had become so bad that the clinic once went without power for a whole week and for nighttime deliveries, Jackson Kalekwa, was forced to deliver babies with the light of a small bulb powered by a car battery. The solar system also included a water pump to feed the newly raised water tower so that the facility now has a much-improved water supply. Reliable power has also allowed us to complete the purchase of a resuscitaire, which will give vulnerable infants a much better chance of survival. After delivery, we give mothers the baby hats, blankets and clothes that you send to us, as a gift from the clinic.

We have added two more LCCA members to our staff. Tactiful Simwileeba was an Althea Sauer scholar who trained as a Clinical Officer. He joined us in February 2022 and will train under Jackson so that one day, God willing, he will become the Clinical Officer in Charge of the clinic. Miss Muzondwase Chikwekwe is a Registered Nurse who is from the Mwembezhi area. She came to us after graduating from college and asked to volunteer at the clinic to gain experience. It didn’t take us long to decide that she was a keeper, and she joined our staff in early January 2022. One of our goals has been to increase the number of LCCA members on our staff. Since 2018, we have more than tripled the number of LCCA members of staff in Zambia going from 2 to 7. In Malawi we have gone from 2 to 5 LCCA members on our staff.

Pastor Mbonga continues to give devotions at the clinic although his eyesight is failing. One of our staff, Crispin Chikonka who is an LCCA member reads the bible and Pastor Mbonga delivers the short sermon. We have been encouraging Pastor Mbonga and his congregation to come to the clinic and spend time with our patients and tell them the good news of salvation.

We are so blessed by the amazing support from the various congregations, LWMS groups and individuals who give us encouragement on the hard days, prayers for our work, and monetary donations to pay our staff, fuel the ambulances and pay for medicines.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

God’s blessings,

Beth and Gary Evans


To God be the glory for the joy in serving Him through mission work and for His good and gracious gifts and supporters for CAMM. Zikomo—Thank you in Malawi!

Cheryl Valus, CAMM Contact Woman Coordinator



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