2021 Fall Rally Letter

“Faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the Word of Christ.” Romans 10:17. You are taking part in an LWMS rally to hear about how His Word is being shared through mission work both at home and around the world. Having heard this Word, we are now equipped to share and support others sharing it with those who still need to hear it. This CAMM letter allows you to hear how Jesus’s love and His Word is being shared throughout Malawi and Zambia by the Stateside Committee and Field staff and supporters.

CAMM and the Stateside Committee want to share the words of Happy 60th Anniversary as we celebrate 60 years of God’s grace in serving the people of Zambia and 51 years of serving the people of Malawi. You may have seen news on this special time of thanksgiving in the past few months and it will be celebrated once more in a special service in Milwaukee in October. What a privilege it has been for CAMM to share Christ centered healthcare through our medical clinics for all these years. It has been made possible by all those who have served both in Africa and Stateside along with all the faithful supporters over this time. We give thanks to God for all of these blessings. CAMM’s operating budget continues to be supported solely by financial donations which can be sent to WELS/CAMM P O Box 64064 St. Paul, MN 55164-0064.

There are 40 vacancies for CAMM Contact Women (CW). These CAMM CW play a vital role in sharing the word and work of CAMM with WELS members through congregations and other mission minded groups, such as the LWMS. Please check the CAMM website at www.camm.us to see if your congregation currently has a CW vacancy and feel free to reach out to me via phone or email and I am more than happy to discuss what this position involves. If you can communicate information given to you to share, you can be a CAMM CW. Serve our Lord by helping us get CAMM updates and news out to others.

CAMM clinics in both Malawi and Zambia have a list of needs they currently could use. If you or your church group or congregation are interested in providing some of these, please contact me and I would be happy to supply the list to you and answer any questions you may have and what is involved.

Now the real words and news all those who love and support CAMM want to hear—updates and greetings from both fields. Many thanks to Beth and Gary Evans and national staff in Malawi and Alisad Banda and Jackson Kalekwa and national staff in Zambia for the time in writing these letters to share with all of you. Photos of recent building projects and renovations can be found on the CAMM website and also the CAMM Facebook page at Facebook.com/camm.wels.

Words of thanks for all of you for your interest in, support of and prayers and love for CAMM. We thank God for each and every one of you as we share Christ centered healthcare with the people of Malawi and Zambia.

In Christ’s service,

Cheryl Valus

CAMM Contact Woman Coordinator 810-287-8139

cwc.camm@gmail.com 5230 Lin Hill Dr., Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Words from Malawi

Greetings from the Lutheran Mobile Clinic in Malawi.

We want to thank you all so much for the support and donations you have provided for so long. Your generosity and hard work in collecting and cleaning pill bottles, knitting baby hats and blankets, sewing pill bags and masks, and so much more is much appreciated. Your prayers in support of the Mwembezhi clinic in Zambia and The Lutheran Mobile Clinic here in Malawi have been an enormous blessing for these past 60 years. Again, THANK YOU.

Renovation work has recently begun at our Suzi and Thunga clinics. Work should be complete in early September. As we began planning the projects, we met with village elders to inform them of our plans. At each meeting the elders told us how much they appreciated the clinic and then implored us to come more often than once a week. The problem in these rural areas is what happens if you get sick on the six days a week we are not in the village. We have met with a local politician on the issue and intend to start brain storming ideas with local political and health care leaders to come up with a solution. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

There has been a rise in the need for physiotherapy especially in young children. Currently, we have three young children, Harriet, Lontiya, and Atusaye who are receiving physical therapy at clinics in Lilongwe one or two times a week. Beth found the clinics and helped with the arrangements. The treatment is free, but the cost of transportation is beyond the means of their parents. A fund has been started to pay for their transportation. The children are doing well, and we pray for their continued improvement.

Until recently Malawi has only received the Astra Zeneca vaccine in limited amounts but most of our clinic staff is fully vaccinated against Covid 19. Since early August, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been available for those who have not had any vaccine yet so we are encouraging our village staff and volunteers to get it.

For the last year we have been blessed by having Vicar Kalima – now Pastor Kalima, serving at our Msambo, Suzi and Thunga church sites. Pastor Kalima stays after giving the devotion on clinic days talking with patients, praying, and sharing scripture. He has helped bring severely ill patients to us and ministered to the family of a young boy who passed away. The family now attend his church at Msambo, Mtima Woyera.

Please continue to pray for our staff and the people of Malawi, and for Violet Chikwatu and Lusingu Mwambeye as they prepare to take over from us as Nurse in Charge and Clinic Administrator next year.

In Christ,

Gary and Beth Evans

Words from Zambia

Dear friends in Christ,

Grace and peace be with you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins according to the will of our God and Father, to Him be the glory for ever and ever. Greeting from the staff of the Lutheran Rural Health Centre (Mwembezhi) in Zambia, Africa.

We want to express our profound gratitude to our God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given through Christ Jesus. The clinic has been in existence in Zambia for 60 years this year because of the love and kindness that you have demonstrated to us. The parcels you send and all forms of gifts which include financial help has never been wasted but used as a bridge to the gospel. Everything that people in the United States of America have donated has spoken to us as staff, patients and clients and you have indeed demonstrated God’s love. It is because of what you have done that gives us courage to work even harder physically and spiritually during our duties at the clinic. Every single gift has been an inspiration that proves the greatness of our God. Many people prefer to walk for a very long distance to the clinic because of God’s Word, and the services provided which includes drugs and other supplies. God's grace and blessings upon those who've touched many hearts and changed many lives. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Our joy indeed comes because of the love of God through His son Jesus Christ, and it is this joy that continues even among the staff and patients. For example, the rehabilitation of the clinic has helped many people to speak well of the facility and not only the people seeking medical attention but also The Zambian Government who chose to launch a Cholera Vaccine program at the clinic site. As a result of your ministry in generosity, people have given glory to God because of your gifts.

Friends in Christ, sixty years ago when the clinic started, the whole area was the true definition of the bush and the population was very small. Today the population has grown so much that the clinic now sees many more people seeking medical help with a lot of emerging public health problems, such as diabetic patients. Some days such as under five and diabetic clinics, the clinic will see more than 100 patients and sometimes the staff are overwhelmed. Our other challenge is that the clinic hopes to have clinic staff Bible studies so that we are better able to encourage the patients.

God has gifted us differently, but all the gifts are for the glory of God. Please remember the staff in prayer for the following things:

Promote the common mission of our existence as (1) individuals (2) as staff

Each time we are on duty to remember that we are but God’s workman.

Introduction of staff Bible studies and Unity as staff

Speaking the truth to one another

Respectively submitted by:

Alisad Banda (Clinic Admin Zambia)