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Teeth Savers

Teeth Savers International intensifies oral health awareness in communities

 Written by Chiko

By Harold Kapindu

In a bid to promote oral health, Teeth Savers International has partnered with Lutheran Mobile Clinic to intensify efforts in reaching out to rural communities on oral health awareness.

Speaking at Mwalaulomwe Lutheran Mobile Clinic in Lilongwe on Thursday, Fredson Sambani who is the Country Manager for Teeth Savers International said the gesture has come after observing that the Clinic was lacking oral health in its programs.

“We have several partners including Lutheran Mobile Clinic, Government and Colgate Palmolive. As a clinic, they have several programs but one component that was lacking was oral health or dental awareness. 

“A few months ago we sat down to restructure a program and we agreed to take up the initiative of sensitizing the community on issues to do with oral hygiene. For Teeth Savers, we have no boundaries. We can go anywhere and partner with anyone,” Sambani explained.
Amanda Oswalt - Nurse in charge at Lutheran Mobile Clinic

Amanda Oswalt, Lutheran Mobile Clinic Nurse in Charge disclosed that 1198 people have been served through the partnership since 2016.

“We work with Lutheran Church of Central Africa to not only care about people physically but also try to reach their spiritual needs as well. We thought that another aspect that we couldn't reach physically was dental so we reached out to Teeth Savers to come in and visit our mobile clinics. In the past year, Teeth Savers have visited all mobile clinic sites. This is our second round and we are trying to make this a regular occurrence,” Oswalt narrated.