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November 2015

Greetings from Malawi!
After Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, they wandered the desert for 40 years.  During that time, the Lord provided manna and quail to sustain them.  Just as the Lord provided for his people in the desert, the Lord provides for his people in Africa today. 
One way the Lutheran Mobile Clinic, through the Lord, provides for the African people is through our Nutrition Program.  We work with the World Food Program to be a distribution site for SuperCereal.  SuperCereal is a maize and soya flour fortified with milk powder, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals that is used to make porridge. Sometimes we give just maize (corn) and soya (soy bean) flour, which will be made into a similar porridge to the SuperCereal.  Our clinic sites Msambo, Suzi, and Thunga provide the only nutritional services to those villages in a very large area.  If you get hungry, you probably walk to the kitchen to find something to satisfy your hunger.  If they could not get the extra food at those clinics, they would need to walk a very long distance.  And there are approximately 81,608 people within that region!
The Malawian Vulnerability Assessment Committee reported in July 2015 that “2.8 million Malawians—about 20% of the country’s population—face starvation this year due to shortage of the grain occasioned by dry spells and drought that hit some parts of the country”.   With this prediction we will likely have a full nutrition program. 
Although we are in Malawi for Thanksgiving, we will still celebrate the holiday.  We truly have many things to be thankful for. Here are some of the reasons we give thanks:
Our new ambulance (Medical services are delivered to four clinics ranging from 20 minutes to just over 1 hour from Lilongwe. It is a blessing our national staff give thanks every day.)
An abundance of patients (God has placed a tremendous opportunity before us to proclaim the gospel message.)
A clinic worker named Violet who is an LCCA member and has enrolled in nursing school with intentions to be a CAMM nurse.  
A wonderful clinic staff. (The Lord has blessed LMC with a staff that is positive and that works well together.)
Missionaries John Holtz and Mark Panning who support our efforts and have brought us in as part of their families.
Did you know that CAMM opened its first clinic in Zambia in November 1961?
We give thanks as the clinic in Zambia celebrated the dedication of its new clinic building in July and continues to treat the needs of the people of the Mwembezhi area.
We are also thankful for Jackson Kalekwa. He is the chief clinical officer of the clinic and has a very dedicated staff who work long hours, have built a solid reputation for treating all patients with respect, and work together as one unit.
Missionary Dan Sargent and his family who support the clinic with their time and skills.
We are truly grateful to all of you who support CAMM with your prayers and donations. You make our programs possible. Thank you.
In Christian service,
Amanda Oswalt and Alison Westphal   Lutheran Mobile Clinic (CAMM)   Malawi Africa