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October 2018

October 2018

Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM)

Beth and I are very thankful for the encouragement and prayers we receive from all of you who support CAMM. There are others here who also need your prayers and support. They are our Malawian staff. These are the folks who are in the front line of our mission, they see our patients, provide medical care and expertise, provide health education and issue medications. In short they are the face of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic. We have a total of nine clinic staff, a Head Nurse, four nurse/midwives, a medical assistant, a Nutritionist, a Registrar and a Driver.

Here is a little introduction to our Malawian staff:

Miss Dambisa Jere -Head Nurse. When the clinic staff were asked who should be Head Nurse, they all chose Miss Jere. She has a great sense of humor, is hard working, an excellent nurse, a natural leader and a very good teacher. During clinic, our normally soft spoken Miss Jere can be heard loud and clear over the din when she see’s something she doesn’t like. 

Mrs Alice Chisutu – Nurse/Midwife. Mrs Chisutu is one of our most experienced Nurses, she has a wonderful touch with our under five patients and with her community health background, handles most of our HIV related patients. Mrs Chisutu also has a great sense of humor and it’s normally her and Miss Jere who get the laughter going in the back of the ambulance on the ride home from Clinic.  

Mrs Pennina Howa – Nurse/Midwife. Mrs Howa is also a very experienced nurse. She is skilled in all of our clinic area and also has a background in psychiatric nursing. She recently taught a class at the Lutheran Church of Central Africa Youth rally on depression. Mrs Howa is quiet and generally lets other do the talking, but when she speaks she is worth listening to. Mrs Howa is Beth’s new hero, yesterday she discovered a pregnant woman who was in labor and told Beth that the patient should immediately be taken to the local health center. The patient and Mrs Howa were promptly dispatched and the baby was delivered in the back of the ambulance three minutes after arriving at the Chiwamba Health Center. 

Miss Madalitso Kaphalanya – Nurse/midwife. Mada has her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and is at the early stages of her Master’s degree. She has been with LMC for about 4 years. Mada is a fun, competent young nurse who goes about her business with little fuss or bother. Mada will be married on October 6, we wish her all Gods blessings. 

Miss Violet Chikwatu - Nurse/Midwife. Violet is our only nurse who is a member of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa. She received the Althea Sauer scholarship and earned her Bachelor’s degree earlier this year. She joined us in March and is learning all of the work involved at LMC. Violet is still a little nervous about teaching, but meets all her other challenges head on and is showing herself to be a fine young nurse and team member.  

Miss Jean Kanyemba - Nutritionist. Jean is the consummate professional. She manages all of our nutrition activities including coordinating with the World Food Program. When not busy with nutrition, Jean can be found anywhere another staff member needs help. Jean recently received her bachelor’s degree in social work. We are praying that she stays with LMC. 

Mrs Thokozani Nkwazi – Medical Assistant. Thoko is our resident diagnostician and sees nearly all of our outpatients. Thoko can be a bit loud and outspoken but she is always advocating for her patients or for the staff. It was Thoko who started us down the road of improving our triage procedures. Thoko is married with two children, and is working on her Master’s Degree in Health Adminstration.

Mr. Lozias Sinoya – Registrar. As Registrar, Lozias manages the administrative side of the clinic day: registering patients, taking in fees, paying out locums and HSA’s, and selling health passports.  Lozias is Mr. Dependable. He is an LCCA member who lives at Msambo Village where we have a clinic and is an Elder with the Congregation there.

Mr  Batson Supu - Driver. Calling Mr Supu a simply driver is an understatement, as he also manages all of our malaria testing and is in charge of clinic maintenance and minor building projects. It was Mr Supu who arranged the construction of the recent additions at our clinics and the new nutrition hut at Mwalaulomwe. Mr Supu is an excellent driver, a skill attested to by Beth, who has ridden in the back of the ambulance on a few emergency runs (full lights and sirens) to Kamuzu Central Hospital 

We are blessed to have such a talented group working with us. Please remember them in your prayers.

Gary Evans
Clinic Administrator

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