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March 2019




MARCH 2019

 The Future is Bright

The Lutheran Rural Health Center is in the central part of Zambia in Shibuyunji District, the health center has been a great source and strength as a platform for sharing Christs Love by both Zambians and other brothers and sisters from the United State of America.

The health center has been in existence for over sixty (60) years with the sole purpose of reaching out to others with physical, medical and spiritual foods. The health center has a full time staff of 9 Zambian National brothers and sisters who, along with a number of volunteers, show Gods love through their hard work and dedication.

The center has been a bright star reminding us of that star followed by the shepherds when Jesus Christ was born.  It has remained a shining star that brought help to people with health problems and through such services, the name of Christ is Praised. The American Missionaries and Sisters in charge of the center brought passion, love and charitable works to the people in the surrounding communities.

Now the American Sisters are gone, and the remaining Missionaries cannot give the Lutheran Health Center the attention it needs. Realising that problem, the wonderful groups of ladies, individuals and the leadership of the Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMMc) have come up with a plan of employing a Zambian National to take a different look at every aspect as the Clinic Administrator. The clinic has a bright future because of the population that has kept on growing. Population growth is an opportunity for the growth of service both for spiritual and physical health. The future is bright if all partners can brain storm, and plan together with all concerned to help the marginalized, and less privileged people, especially women, children and the elderly. 

This place is a blessing to both the Lutheran Church of Central Africa in Zambia and WELS because it has the history of being one of the first mission sites of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa in Zambia. The future is bright because both CAMMC and all interested stakeholders can sit around the table and play their roles as required.

Finally, Praise be to God for bringing us this far. People especially from the United States through CAMMc have contributed  in so many ways to see to the running and welfare of the clinic, as do staff, the Government of Zambia, Christian Health Association of Zambia and individual Lutheran members in Zambia, with their prayers. The future is bright and if the sun continues to shine, the clinic can and will be a better place for people to receive both spiritual and medical help. It is with the right mindset, right planning, and right responsibities that we can indeed keep the shining star of the Lutheran Medical Mission Zambia. Yes the pride of all Lutherans

Respectively Submitted

Alisad Banda

Clinic Administrator