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March 2018

Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM)

Malawi and Zambia

March, 2018

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch you.”  Psalm 32”8


     This is not your typical monthly letter from CAMM.  While our staff is in transition in Malawi, I offered to write the March letter to update all of you on activities affecting our clinics.

     Beth Evans has safely arrived in Lilongwe and is transitioning to her new role as Nurse in Charge of the Lutheran Mobile Clinic.  While Beth has experience from her tour of duty in Malawi during the 1980’s, much has changed.  Staff is larger and required statistics and data are maintained electronically.  In a recent email, Beth wrote: “I have lots to learn.  I started Chichewa (the language) lessons today and my instructor is excellent.  I wish I could show you what it’s like when we first arrive with the ambulance and staff at Msambo.  It’s our busiest outpatient clinic.  A sea of people.  So much malaria!  I think of how Jesus saw the crowds and had pity on them.  So thankful we can help relieve some of the physical suffering.”   And we are so grateful that God has guided Beth to return to Malawi to oversee the work of the clinic.  We also give thanks that Beth received her Temporary Employment Permit (TEP) after 8 months of processing.  Her husband Gary will be leaving the states the end of March to join her in Malawi to be the next Clinic Administrator.  We anxiously await his TEP as well.

     In Zambia, long hours due to the 24/7 mandate and a significant cholera outbreak are adding stress to our clinic staff.  According to Jackson Kalekwa, our Chief Clinical Officer, staff will work their normal day, may have to return for an infant delivery or other emergency in the evening, and then return to work the next day.  With only 7-8 current staff, there are not enough workers to handle the 7 days a week patient load.  Temporary help has been approved and plans are being made to add medical staff to alleviate some of the burden.   The cholera outbreak is now decreasing; our staff implemented an area wide educational program to slow the spread of the disease.  Our clinic did not experience any deaths but was on high alert.

     The stateside committee also has experienced significant changes.  Often a new committee member joins when a specific position is open – not necessarily a position that is a good fit for skills and strengths.  Current members have changed roles to form a more effective committee.  These changes initiated when I requested a new Chairwoman to help CAMM move forward.  I served in this role for 7 years and am eager to develop a stronger awareness of CAMM with you as supporters and with many not familiar with the work of our clinics as Outreach Coordinator.  I am excited to share these transitions with you: 

Chairwoman:                          Shelly Sievert  (WI)          

Treasurer:                               Bea Punke (WI)

Secretary:                               Kris Olson (IA)                   

Public Relations:                     Angela Sievert (IA)

Nurse Coordinator:                  Cindy Fietzer (WI)            

Nurse Advisor:                         Kari Belter (WI)

Web:                                       Mike Valus (MI)                

Outreach Coordinator:             Linda Liesener (WI)

Contact Woman Coordinator:   Cheryl Valus (MI)

Medical Advisor:                      Dr Mike Brooks (WI)

Pastoral Advisor:                      Pastor Kevin Schultz (ID)


     The Lord continues to instruct, guide and lead us with this Mission of Love.  Continue to pray for our current staff In both countries as well as the stateside committee who supports them.

            In Christ,  

                Linda Liesener