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July 2018

July 2018

Lutheran Mobile Clinic 
Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM) – Malawi 

Earlier this month Beth and I returned to the United States for a very brief visit to attend our youngest sons’ graduation. We stayed in Thiensville, Wisconsin with Beth’s brother Pastor Kurt Ebert and while there, we attended a CAMM fundraising rummage sale held at his church - Christ Alone in Thiensville. When we spoke to the folks who were running the sale, they wondered how the $3,000, typically raised by the sale, might be spent. That question started me thinking that perhaps many of the groups and individuals who support CAMM might like to know how their gifts and donations are used. So, for those who are curious, here is a little Lutheran Mobile Clinic by numbers: 

4,000 to 5,000: That’s how many patients we have seen on average per month over the last 3 months. We are seeing the number of Malaria patients drop off as we move into the dry season (winter) here. 

$3,000: Will pay our fuel bill for around 5 months. We operate clinics in four Villages each of which is about a 45 to 50-mile round trip from the house. We have two rugged Toyota Landcruisers. These are the ambulances of choice over here, they can carry up to 12 people plus all of our equipment and medications over some very rough roads. As you might suspect, they are thirsty beasts. $3000, will also pay for about 6 months of vehicle maintenance. The dirt roads are hard on vehicles and parts are not cheap. 

$1000: Will pay salaries and some benefits for all of our Malawian staff for about a week. We have twenty-one people on the payroll –nurse/midwives, clinician, nutritionist, registrar, driver, clinic maintenance men, clinic nutrition workers, guards, a gardener and a house keeper. 

$350: Will pay for our pharmaceutical supplies for a week. Malaria medications are provided by USAID and vaccinations are provided by the Malawi government. All other medications are paid for by the clinic and provided for free. 

200: That’s roughly how many pill bottles we hand out a week. We use them for liquid medications that we buy in larger bottles and then pour into the smaller pill bottles that are sent from the United States. 

$100: Will provide us with a 3-month supply of maize and soy for our nutrition program. 

$75: Will pay the weekly salary of a nurse/midwife who has bachelor’s degree in nursing. 

$50: Will provide infant formula to three babies for a month. As part of our nutrition program we currently provide infant formula to 6 orphan babies who are under 6 months. 

$20: Will pay for the quarterly gift given to each of our four clinic volunteers for their help in running clinic. The gifts consist of tea, rice, soap, salt, Vaseline, washing powder, sugar, matches and oil – mundane gifts by US standards but valuable in a Malawian Village. 

$7: Will pay for a locum Nurse/midwife for a day. When our staff is on vacation or sick, clinic operations must go on, so we hire fill in (locum) staff for the day. 

Our annual budget for in-country operations is a little about $130,000. In-country does not include Beth or my payroll. We are a low cost, low overhead operation dedicated to showing Gods love and serving our Lord by providing quality healthcare to the people of Msambo, Suzi, Mwalaulomwe and Thunga Villages, and with God’s blessing and your gifts we are doing just that. 

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Gary Evans (Lutheran Mobile Clinic Administrator)