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January 2018

Lutheran Mobile Clinic (CAMM)

Lilongwe, Malawi

January 2018

December is the end of year; January, the beginning. It happens this way every year. It is nothing new, right? Many people use this time to reflect on things they are grateful for in the past year and things they are looking forward to in the New Year. 

Well, this December is the end of more than a year for me. It is nearly the end of my three-year tenure as Nurse in Charge. It is the beginning of new adventures for Lutheran Mobile Clinic’s new Nurse In Charge, Beth Evans, and it is the beginning of new adventures for me, wherever the Lord will put me! 

More importantly, the birth of our Savior is the start of a new beginning for each of us. The beginning of His life became the beginning of ours through God’s grace. He loved us so much that He sent His Son to come to Earth, to live a perfect life and pay the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, so that we can have eternal peace with Him. What an amazing gift we have received. 

As my time in Malawi is coming to a close, I’ve not only been reflecting on this past year, but on the past three years. A friend of mine once described her work in Malawi as “the toughest job [she] ever loved.” I’ve always held that statement quite close to my heart, as I feel like it so succinctly describes my time in Malawi as well. Working as the Nurse In Charge was tough. I learned a lot about tropical medicine, about working in resource limited settings, about working in a different culture, about management and expectations. I’ve seen and experienced things I would have never imagined—both good and bad. But for all of the challenges, the Lutheran Mobile Clinic does amazing work. In my three years, we have seen more than 158,560 people come through our four clinic doors for care, we’ve hosted approximately 540 clinic days, and distributed over 1,820 nets to pregnant women—just to name a few quantifiable highlights. There are some highlights I can’t put eloquent words to or justify by numbers. There are some experiences that no matter how I describe the details, the description won’t be quite right, it won’t do the experience justice. But I’ve been so privileged to be a part of it! 

 My prayer for this upcoming year is for your continued support of Lutheran Mobile Clinic and Central Africa Medical Mission. Because of your generous support our clinics will continue to provide opportunities to hear the Gospel on a regular basis and provide physical care to every patient that comes to our clinic sites. I also pray the Lord provides a smooth transition for LMC administration as we all adjust to our new beginnings. 

 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” (Revelation 22: 13). He is our beginning and our end. Through Him we have everything. With assurance like that, bring on the new adventures! 

 Yours Sister in Christ, Amanda Oswalt