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December 2019



December 2019

Future Baloyi

Future Baloyi is a 29-year-old woman, born into a family of five (5), two girls and three boys. Her Father is the Pastor to one of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa congregations in Lusaka. Future was the recipient of the Althea Sauer educational scholarship. She completed her diploma in Nursing studies this past summer and following her graduation joined our staff at the Lutheran Rural Medical Centre at Mwembezhi . This is her story, in her words:  

“I would like to share my sad side of my life that God has eventually turned into happiness. I completed my grade twelve (12) education in 2009 at Mumbwa High School in Central Province of Zambia and after the completion of school, I struggled to further my studies due to the general family challenges to make ends meet at home and because of the situation, I ended up getting married in 2011. We had a happy marriage in our early days but, a year later in 2012 after giving birth to a baby boy, my husband started mistreating me, he mistreated me physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. He got into a habit of physically beating me up almost on daily bases. I lost the peace, lost the joy and I had no hope for the future of my life. The worst part was when I discovered that he was cheating on me with other women, I feared for my life especially where sexually transmitted infections are concern and to make matters worse, he became more violent such that I could not withstand the situation.

One day I had a phone conversation with one of my uncles staying in Kabwe, the other side of Central Province. My uncle asked me to go and stay with him so as to try and settle or reconcile the marriage as elders of the two families. To the surprise of all concerned people, my husband married another woman within the few days of my arriving at my uncle’s place. While staying in Kabwe, life was not easy, I had to go back to my parents in Lusaka.

Life in Lusaka was not easy for both myself and my son, the father (ex-husband) could not provide anything to the son for upkeep and the general welfare at home (parents home) was not been easy, I failed my son and family, life was indeed very tough.

One day I asked Mum if I could borrow from her 50 Kwacha ($4) so that I could start some business, when I got the money, I started selling bananas and oranges on the street. Sometimes, I had to walk from place to place, door to door in search of customers, this could start early in the morning till after 17:00hrs or even later than that time. It was not easy but, I had to do this for six (6) months then my uncle in Kabwe called to find out how life was and he was disturbed to hear that I sell on the streets, he called me again and this time I left my son behind with my parents.

In Kabwe my uncle encouraged me to go back to school, I refused and I didn’t like the idea because I felt there was no need, I had lost my hope then, my uncle started encouraging me with the word of God and this was both morning and evening, then I gave in and accepted the ideas of school.

I got the money I made from the business and paid for my General Certificate Exams (GCE) then started going to school, this move was not an easy one but, I thank God for the people around me that kept encouraging me. Uncle had to finish paying other school balance, this time around my hope was in Christ even though life was not easy, my prayer everyday was that God would give me a new chapter in this life.

One day I met with Pastor Daniel Sargent who encouraged me to study hard for the GCE exams especially in Biology and motivated me that he could help with the scholarship through the Lutheran Medical Mission to study as a nurse. This gave me a strong reason to study hard and true to the efforts, I got good results. I informed Pastor Sargent and thank God he did not hesitate to recommend me for the scholarship to study as a nurse.”  [The Sauer Family scholarship is administered by the CAMM Stateside committee. We are grateful that Pastor Sargent recommended Future for the scholarship. She was a great candidate and we are blessed to have her as part of our Mwembezhi staff!]

“In 2016 I was enrolled in school for the study in Registered Nursing at diploma level and while at school, I worked very hard knowing very well of my background and I did very well. Lutheran Medical Mission in Zambia supported my school and graduation in 2019. God also provided employment at the Lutheran Mission Rural Clinic in Mwembezhi, Zambia. I sing songs of praise to God for what He has made me to see, indeed I glorify Him because through that experience He taught me to serve others before me. Central Africa Medical Mission are People whom I may not have meet in Person apart from Pastor Sargent, our Clinic Administrator Mr. Alisad Banda, I would say thank you so much for the life changing support that was given to me. May it be so to many now and in the future.

God is indeed great and in every situation the we may be passing through he is still with us, Remember Romans 4:28 ‘We know that ALL things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.’  Friends never lose hope. believe in God - only God can change our situations in life and God alone has the answer to our destiny.”

Future’s story shows us how the prayers and generosity of our supporters and, in Future’s case the Sauer family, affect not only our patients but the lives of our staff. Future was blessed with a family that helped her spiritually at a time when her life was hard, and she had no hope for the future. While this is not a typical Christmas letter, Future’s story reminds us that Jesus came into the world to not only bring us hope but the assurance of everlasting life through Him. 

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas, from all of us in here in Africa.

Alisad Banda 

Clinic Administrator Mwembezhi Lutheran Rural Health Centre Zambia