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August 2018

August 2018

Lutheran Mobile Clinic 

Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM) – Malawi 

             It’s the dry season in Malawi, and temperatures are gradually warming up, though the early mornings are still cool. The hills are more brown than green, and our ambulance leaves a cloud of red dust as we travel to clinics. The distant mountains are blurred with smoke and dust, but the sky is blue every day. Sunny days make for more light in our Msambo clinic building, where we had been bringing battery or solar-powered lights so our staff could see to do their work on cloudy days. This week we didn’t need them, and we were thankful. 

   The outpatient numbers are going down a bit, mainly due to far less patients having malaria this past month. Mosquitos are not as prevalent when there isn’t rain, so there are less around to spread the parasite. The children seem to be the sickest with malaria, and we test them and give them the medicine, but we are seeing only about two thirds as many as in previous months. There are plenty of patients with respiratory illnesses and skin rashes but less very sick patients to refer to the hospital, and I’m thankful.

              The lines of mothers with children coming to under-fives clinics are still long most days, and there is the constant sound of crying babies getting their life-saving immunizations. We were able to give moms the handmade baby hats and washcloths given by women in the US, and they were thankful.

               Four members of the CAMM committee spent 6 days here visiting Gary and me in Malawi at the end of July- Shelly Sievert, Cindy Fietzer, Cheryl Valus and her husband Mike. They brought needed clinic supplies like rolls of gauze, orthopedic equipment, and ambu bags as well as another essential, chocolate chips! They came out to clinics to observe, count pills, meet our staff and see the clinic buildings. They even helped unpack pill bottles and put them in bags, all ready to pack in the ambulance. Gary and I had good meetings with them and had their input with important decisions. We had some enjoyable gatherings with them and much of the mission family here. God granted them good health and safe travels on to Zambia and then home. We are thankful. 

               The Lord allows this medical mission work in Malawi to continue through many volunteer hours, monetary donations and answered prayer. We thank God for the means to continue serving the people of Malawi with medical care.

Your sister in Christ,
Beth Evans, Nurse in Charge