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African life is difficult ... the children suffer the most and many of them are orphaned – meaning one or both of the parents have died.
The Central Africa Medical Mission operates solely on donations. We trust on the grace of God to open hearts of WELS ladies groups, schools, and individuals to provide the necessary funds to continue serving the people of Zambia and Malawi. Every dollar received goes to the efforts of our medical missions.
Many groups would like to send projects or charitable items to our fields in Africa. The cost of postage to send even a small box to Africa can range from $25-$100. Heavier boxes start around $80. While many groups may feel the good outweighs the cost, our staff in Africa ponder the necessities the funds could have purchased. Medications and fuel are necessities which are currently experiencing shortages and higher costs. Supplemental maize, nutrients, and infant formula are always in need. Our staffs take pride in knowing how to stretch every dollar to its limit.
We strongly encourage service projects or other activities to raise funds for the efforts of the Central Africa Medical Mission.
By purchasing supplies in Zambia and Malawi, the Central Africa Medical Mission also infuses money into the local economy. Most items are available to purchase in the field; maybe not 5 varieties and sizes, but items are there.
 Donations may be made by:
Payable to Central Africa Medical Mission

PO Box 64064  
St Paul, MN 55164-0064

Donate to CAMM online:
Credit card or direct checking withdrawal:
Click here to Donate Online.  This is a secure link within the WELS synod.
Direct correspondence may also be mailed to our treasurer at:
                                    Central Africa Medical Mission
                                    PO Box 250471
                                    Milwaukee, WI  53225
You will receive a thank you and receipt via the mail from our CAMM treasurer.
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