Fall 2018 Rally Letter

Central African Medical Mission (CAMM)

Lutheran Mobile Clinic (Malawi) and Lutheran Mission Rural Health Centre (Zambia)

Fall 2018 Update

Zikomo!  That is “Thank you” in Chichewa, the language spoken in Malawi.  On behalf of CAMM, I want to thank all of you for your interest in, prayers for and support of the mission work we carry out in Malawi and Zambia.  A group of four of us who serve on the CAMM Stateside Committee recently returned from a two week visit to our clinic sites in Africa.  The main reason for our visit was to spend time in direct communication with our clinic staff in both countries as well as with the Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) and our WELS missionaries who serve the spiritual needs of our clinics.  It was clear to all of us what an important tool and role good communication plays in accomplishing work, carrying out responsibilities and sharing the most important message of the Bible.  After all, God gives us what we need to know and share about Him in the form of words.  Technology may have given us new methods of doing this but in the end, it is still vital to have the communication be clear and carried out for it to reach everyone.

This has all been made clear to me thru our visit to Africa and also in my new role on the CAMM Stateside Committee (CAMMC) as CAMM Contact Woman Coordinator.  CAMM serves as the supportive branch to the Gospel mission in Malawi and Zambia by communicating Christ’s love and by caring concern for the physical (health) needs of our fellow man.  CAMM is under the Board for World Missions of WELS but does not receive any monetary support from the WELS budget.  CAMM is solely funded by donations from supporters.  It is through the communication of the CAMM Contact Woman network, Public Relations and Outreach that the mission’s work is shared and the physical needs and financial support required to carry this out are made known.  

CAMM has been a mission for over 57 years and has often been generously supported by LWWS.  CAMM deeply appreciates the wonderful working relationship we have had over the years but it is important to know that they are two distinctly different entities.  LWMS is an organization that supports all missions of WELS and CAMM is one of those missions.  CAMM is supported by ladies’ groups in all congregations, but LWMS is supported by membership only if a congregation choses to participate.  Therefore, CAMM works to communicate with all WELS congregations thru the WELS Districts, Conferences and Circuits and that is where our Contact Woman serve.  LWMS works thru a different set of circuits established by the members of LWMS which is entirely different than the WELS circuits. CAMM Contact Woman (CW) are needed for approximately 160 WELS Circuits.  Each CW will have a list of congregations to share information with sent to her from CAMM.  She is the vital link to share this with those she is serving as the contact for.  CAMM is so thankful for those willing to serve in this capacity.  Many circuits around the U.S. need contact women.  If you would be interested in finding out more about the responsibilities, please contact me.  It is a wonderful way to learn more about CAMM and have the joy of sharing the mission work being done in Africa.  We would love to have you serve the Lord in this role. 

To learn more about CAMM, please see our website at www.camm.us and join our Facebook page at facebook.com/camm.wels for all the latest news and donation information.  

In Christ,

Cheryl Valus - CAMM Contact Woman Coordinator - cwc.camm@gmail.com

5230 Lin Hill Drive, Swartz Creek, MI  48473