Spring Rally Letter

Lutheran Mobile Clinic (Malawi) and Lutheran Mission Rural Health Centre (Zambia)

Central Africa Medical Mission       Spring 2018


“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”  Hebrews 10: 36

So much to share with you …


·         Three members of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa in Zambia have been selected to receive funds from the Althea Sauer Scholarship.  Funds will assist them with their education to be a clinical officer, a nurse and a lab technician.  Their schooling will vary from one to three years and it is our intent to hire them for the Lutheran Mission Rural Health Centre when completed.   Long hours are taking a toll on our current staff.  The clinic must be staffed 24/7 as mandated by the Ministry of Health.  According to Jackson Kalekwa, our Chief Clinical Officer, staff will work their normal day, may have to return for an infant delivery or other emergency in the evening, and then return to work the next day.  With only 7-8 current staff, there are not enough workers to handle the 7 days a week patient load.  A temporary nurse has been recently approved and a meeting has been scheduled to possibly have a few other temporary staff assist until the 3 LCCA members complete their schooling and can be hired as permanent employees.  The Lord is good.

·         Cholera has affected the area around Lusaka and much of Zambia.  Almost 3,000 cases have been reported and 69 deaths as of 1-11-2018.  Many Lusaka businesses (including the seminary) were closed until the Ministry of Health could inspect the property and give a clean status.  Jackson said a health education program has been effective in the area of our clinic.  Overall, the situation seems to be improving but has caused great concern.



·         Beth Evans has arrived in Malawi to be our next Nurse-in-charge for the Lutheran Mobile Clinic (LMC) in Malawi.  Beth served as a CAMM nurse in Malawi previously from 1983-1985.  Beth and her husband Gary have always had a desire to return to Malawi.  Gary will be arriving in late March and be our next Clinic Administrator.  Please keep Beth and Gary (and the stateside family) in your prayers as they serve the Lord in the Malawi mission field.  Their experience and strong faith will be a blessing to the LMC.

·         Amanda Oswalt and Amanda Artz will be returning stateside in spring after assisting the Evan’s with their orientation.  Keep these ladies in your prayers as they consider where the Lord will use their services.


Stateside Committee

  • The stateside committee has also experienced some position changes. Often a new committee member joins when a specific position is open – not necessarily a position that is a good fit for skills and strengths.  Current members have changed roles to form a more effective committee.  These changes initiated when Linda Liesener requested a new Chairwoman to help CAMM move forward.  Linda served in this role for 7 years.  We are excited to share these transitions with you: 

Chairwoman:                             Shelly Sievert  (WI)          

Treasurer:                                  Bea Punke (WI)

Secretary:                                   Kris Olson (IA)                   

Public Relations:                         Angela Sievert (IA)

Nurse Coordinator:                    Cindy Fietzer (WI)            

Nurse Advisor:                           Kari Belter (WI)

Web:                                          Mike Valus (MI)                

Outreach Coordinator:               Linda Liesener (WI)

Contact Woman Coordinator:     Cheryl Valus (MI)

Medical Advisor:                        Dr Mike Brooks (WI)       

Pastoral Advisor:                       Pastor Kevin Schultz (ID)


Cheryl Valus – Contact Woman Coordinator (cwc.camm@gmail.com

Linda Liesener – Outreach Coordinator  (cammcontact@charter.net)  262-677-3844